Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween e-Card for kids!

Happy Halloween!

Featuring illustrations from our book, Tales of Mystery and Magic, this spooky e-card is perfect to share with your friends and family.

Click HERE for the spooky e-card!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Children's Books for Halloween!

I know, I know, I have posted a little too much today.  I can't help it...  there's just so much I want to say, especially with Halloween right around the corner!  So here they are, the Barefoot Books that I would recommend for Trick or Treat fun!  

1.)  The Barefoot Book of Monsters! On Sale NOW $14.99
The Barefoot Book of Monsters! Take a deep breath and enter a world of wacky monsters from near and far. The six stories come from different cultures around the world and are inspired by traditional folk tales.
Ages 3 to 7 years
Retold By: Fran Parnell
Illustrated By: Sophie Fatus

2.)  The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts, and Goblins
      On Sale NOW $15.99

The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts, Goblins

Encounter a whole host of outlandish characters in these nine stories gathered from cultures around the world. Action-packed and full of wonder, this anthology proves that everyone has challenges to overcome — even giants who are twelve feet tall. Book with double CDs edition includes stories read by Sesame Street's Jerry Nelson.
Ages 5 to 11 years
Retold By: John Matthews
Illustrated By: Giovanni Manna
Narrated By: Jerry Nelson

There is also a DVD/CD option available of this one!

3.)  Monster Stories for Independent Readers 
       (sold separately or as a set)

Monsters Independent Readers Pack

For children first embarking on independent reading, the four titles in this Monster Storiesseries will entice them with colorful folktales from four different cultures. The books are numbered to encourage collecting the series as more titles are released. All titles are edited by Gina Nuttall, an educational specialist formerly with Scholastic.
Ages 6 to 11 years
Written By: Fran Parnell
Illustrated By: Sophie Fatus


I Heart Finger Puppets!

I think that, other than books, finger puppets are my new favorite item.  They are so little and cute... and not very expensive, which makes them a great little stocking stuffer!  We have just about every animal you can imagine AND a prince and princess... but my all-time favorite is still the tooth fairy (complete with a pocket for the lost tooth to go in!)  What's your favorite?  Check out the link to view them all... I'm anxious to see what's the favorite overall...

Click here to see all sorts of finger puppets!

Join my team!!!

When I lost my teaching job at the end of the 2009-2010 school year, needless to say I was devastated.  I have probably sent out 300 resumes in the last year, but in the meantime I needed to do something to keep sane and make a little cash.  (Thank GOD for Unemployment Insurance!)  So, I started to google direct sales opportunities. I wanted to find something different.... I know a lot of people selling purses, jewelry, kitchen items, etc.  I wanted to find something nobody else around here was selling, and preferably something that would keep me somewhat in the arena of education.  That's how I found Barefoot Books.  I fell in love immediately!  No start-up costs (you spend as much or as little as you want on merchandise, catalogs, etc.).  No monthly minimums to stay active.  Awesome products.  It seemed to good to be true.  

Barefoot has been the best thing for me this past year, and it is still not a very saturated market.  I have had 3 wonderful women join my team in the last few months, ranging from Ohio to California.  I want my team to grow so that more work-at-home book lovers can have as much fun as I have!  If you want more info, click the link below or reply with a comment and I will answer any questions you have. 

Want to know more?  Click here to read the Ambassador FAQ's

Have fun, Make a little extra cash... Click here to join my team!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I am excited to announce the arrival of Barefoot Books' new and gorgeous WORLD ATLAS!  For $19.99, you get 56 pages of beautiful illustrations, kid-friendly information, and "a look at the way in which communities across the world have been shaped by their natural environment, and at the ideas and initiatives which are shaping the future." 

If I were still teaching, I would definitely have this in my classroom library!

$19.99 Hardcover
Written by Nick Crane and Illustrated by David Dean

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Looking for Suggestions...

I am looking for absolutely candid advice from moms, teachers... anyone who is interested in children's books. The advice I need is this:  How can I draw more followers to my blog?  Basically, how can I make my Barefoot Books business more appealing to you?  Constructive criticisms are welcome... comment away!   :0)

We're back!

It's been awhile, but I'm back... just in time for spooky Halloween fun!  Check out some of our great Halloween titles and order now to have them for your goblins!  Save 20% in our October Sale by entering OCTSALE at checkout...  My Online Catalog

Monster Stories

Giant, Ghosts and Goblins!

Check out our Halloween e-card

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's have a PARTY!

Dates are already booking for Spring home shows, so I think this is a good time to give you some info on having a Barefoot Books home party.  It is very similar to other home parties.  You invite people, I talk about Barefoot Books (puzzles, etc...) and your guests have an chance to make purchases, orders, or book their own parties.  What do you get out of it?

  • 20% of your party's total purchases goes to you in the form of your choice of Barefoot merchandise.
  • You will receive an item of your choice as a hostess gift.
  • You will receive additional items of your choice if any of your guests book parties!
If you are in the Chicago area and would like to book an event, send me a message at and we'll get started.

If you are NOT in the Chicago area, we can plan an "online event" where you still get all the hostess credits, etc., but you wouldn't have an actual party.  You would spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, etc. and I would provide you with a special link to your party page!

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions!  Happy Almost-Spring!

Chinese New Year will be here soon!

It is almost time for Chinese New Year and Barefoot Books has the perfect selection of books and even a CD or two!  All of these books and CD's can be purchased at 

Special offer for followers of my blog... use coupon code AMBTEN at checkout to take 10% off!

Little Leap Forward

A Boy In Beijing

Experience this coming-of-age tale that brings to life the time of the Cultural Revolution. A young boy growing up in the hutongs of China discovers the heartache of loving and having to let go when he captures a bird, only to discover that she will not sing in confinement. The first in Barefoot Books' Young Fiction line, this story also includes beautiful full-color illustrations.
Ages 8 and up
Written By: Guo Yue, Clare Farrow
Illustrated By: Helen Cann

Motherbridge of Love

Cherish the special bond between parent and child with this beautiful, anonymously written poem. Through the exchanges between a little girl and her adoptive parent, this poignant selection celebrates love and family. 

Text royalties from this book are donated to Mother Bridge of Love, a charity that reaches out to Chinese children all over the world in order to develop a connection between China and the West, and between adoptive culture and birth culture. Xinran, the acclaimed Chinese author, broadcaster and journalist, is the founder of Mother Bridge of Love.
For all ages
Illustrated By: Josée Masse

Asian Dreamland CD

Sail into dreamland with this harmonious collection of tranquil lullabies and soothing songs. The ten tracks are accompanied by extensive liner notes in English, Spanish, French and German.
For all ages
Produced By: Putumayo World Music

Stories from the Silk Road

Journey along the ancient trade route between East and West. The seven intriguing tales in this collection each feature an important city along the Silk Road, and are filled with adventure and drama, as the merchants, muleteers, spies and shepherds travel this exotic route.

Ages 8 and up
Retold By: Cherry Gilchrist
Illustrated By: Nilesh Mistry

The Great Race

Race with the animals of the Zodiac as they compete to have the years of the Chinese calendar named after them. The excitement-filled story is followed by notes on the Chinese calendar, important Chinese holidays, and a chart outlining the animal signs based on birth years. 
Ages 4 to 9 years
Retold By: Dawn Casey
Illustrated By: Anne Wilson

We're Riding on a Caravan

An Adventure on the Silk Road

Join the caravan for an exciting yearlong trek along China's ancient Silk Road. Following the rhyming, treasure-filled story are informational endnotes about the history of the Silk Road, the story of silk, important cities of China, and a full-spread map.
Ages 4 to 10 years
Written By: Laurie Krebs
Illustrated By: Helen Cann

Lin Yi's Lantern

A Moon Festival Tale

Meet Lin Yi — a little boy with a big heart and a talent for bargaining. Tonight is the moon festival and he wants nothing more than a red rabbit lantern; but first he must buy the things his mother needs at the market. This heartwarming story shows the rewards of putting others first, and includes educational notes at the end about the Chinese moon festival, life in rural China, and the legend of the moon fairy.
Ages 5 to 9 years
Written By: Brenda Williams
Illustrated By: Benjamin Lacombe